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Restaurant Fritto in SèteFritto (Sète)

“Fried foods from ta mer!” That’s the cheeky motto of this Southern fried food joint (worn cement tile floors, communal tables, a light wooden bar) that’s bubbling with free spirit. Inside you’ll find Marilou Fassanaro, the thirty-something Sète native and owner, making the hot oil glisten with the local catch and freshly plucked vegetables, à la fifty shades of fried food! The day we went for lunch, the kitchen sent out a generous fritto misto in a cone, bringing together crispy and tender textures, with no excess grease: sardine tempura, mullet beignets, breaded anchovies and mackerel fillet, rock octopus meatballs, whole mini sole… Or, for the vegetarian version, there’s the famous onion rings, broccoli, zucchini and padrón peppers! There’s also a festive fish ’n’ chips that pairs enchanting hake with incredible panisses, plus squid ink mayo. Yum! // Aïtor Alfonso

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s an artisanal Biopom cider (€12 a bottle), and a few natural wines served by the glass, selected by the formidable nearby wineshop Au Vin Vivant – like this highly drinkable Chardonnay from Le Mas de Janiny (€2). And for all those who want a bottle, you can also bring one over from that same wine shop, for a corkage fee (€7).

PRICE: Fried portions €3-9.

Getting there

Restaurant Fritto
11, rue André-Portes
TEL: +33 4 67 46 98 01