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Hanoï Corner

Restaurant Hanoï Corner in ParisHanoï Corner (Paris)

This coffee shop with an exoticool interior (lots of brickwork, a wooden bar, bamboo lampshades) pays homage to the motherland of its Nam ancestors. “People take their time in Vietnam,” explain owners Linh and Nam Nguyen, while the cà phê (harvested in Da Lat and roasted in Germany) filters out drop by drop from small golden percolators brought over from Hanoi (also for sale, €12 each). Try one of the house specialties, like the Vietnamese coffee with milk, or wild white tea, plus with an intriguing egg coffee made from coffee, egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk. Also, once you’re on Krasnoyarsk Time (UTC+7), you might as well try their juicy banh mi (ground pork, grated carrots, cilantro, pickled cucumber), their tasty bun bo xao (beef, vermicelli noodles, peanuts, sliced apples, herbs) and maybe even a dessert, like a moist pandan chiffon cake, or a golden cassava and coconut tart. FYI, there’s a small grocery corner near the entrance, so you can take local and artisanal chocolate, coffee and spices home with you. // J.G.

PRICES: Lunch options from €9.90 to €11.90, dishes from €6.90 to €8.90, desserts from €1.50 to €4. Drinks from €3 to €7.50.

Getting there

Restaurant Hanoï Corner
7, rue Blanche
MOBILE: +33 6 19 26 47 95
Subway: Trinité