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Just off the Motte-Picquet intersection, the Korean restaurant Jium has a very atelier-like feel (white tile walls, blonde wood, dim lighting) with an open kitchen with mouthwatering aromas coming from it. Expect stunning pork and shrimp pan-fried dumplings with pickled celery (€7); clever tempura-style crepes filled with calamari, shrimp and zucchini sprinkled with chives (€12); delicious, traditional bibimbap with lots of spinach, egg, soy, zucchini, dried Korean vegetables and turnips (€15); incredible chicken gueban in a stew of sticky rice, jujube, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, topped with homemade soy sauce (€15); and a classic sujeonggwa, a sort of cinnamon-spiced punch with dried kaki (€9). Other drinks include your typical options (Hite beer for €5, ginseng and ginger bekseju at €20 a bottle), plus a few organic French wines: Grain de Folie, a Comté-Tolosan red from the Château Plaisance (€6 a glass), a Savagnin from Valentin Morel in the Jura (€9), etc. Menu €15 (lunch), à la carte €26-39. // T.M.

Getting there

Restaurant Jium
26, rue Tiphaine
TEL: +33 1 45 75 20 00
Subway: La Motte-Picquet - Grenelle