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L'Épicerie Simple

Restaurant L'Épicerie Simple in ToulonL'Épicerie Simple (Toulon) - © Brice Licatese

With its Klein blue façade and sunflower yellow Tolix chairs on the terrace, Emmanuel Galera’s wine and fine foods shop brings a little sunshine to Cours Lafayette. Seated between two market stands (or around one of the few tables inside), nibble on organic local cuisine that’s prepared simply, selected from a menu of the day that’s read out loud to you. The other day at lunch: an incredible hummus intensified by a touch of jallab (a date and rosewater syrup) with toasted pumpkin seeds; extra fresh cod ceviche and a mishmash of peppers, parsley, red onions, peach and rose; a sweet couscous made with incredible grains and vegetables from the house’s vegetable patch, with the add-on option of slow-cooked lamb for the meat-lovers among you; before a delicious dessert combining shortbread, whipped cream, melon, peaches and apricots… yum! And don’t forget to fill your grocery bags before leaving: fresh bread made with flours sourced from nearby, cheeses, olive oil, honey, spices… // M.M.

FEELING THIRSTY? Natural Mediterranean wines: a Tarn white from Laurent Cazottes and Stéphane Lucas (€5 a glass), a Var red from Jean-Christophe Comor (€23 a bottle), an Italian pet’ nat’ from Valli Unite (€24)…

PRICE: À la carte €21-33.

Getting there

Restaurant L'Épicerie Simple
48, cours Lafayette
TEL: +33 6 60 88 05 05