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Le Bar des Prés

Restaurant Le Bar des Prés in ParisLe Bar des Prés (Paris) - © Le Bar des Prés

Best bar à délices of 2018

Inside this former tanning salon that was transformed by Studio KO into a sparkly bar (high barstools, alcoves with benches, wicker light fixtures and leopard print floors), a team of former samurais from Kinugawa now light up the Left Bank under the supervision of Cyril Lignac. On the playlist of their extremely sexy, flavorful menu: fantastic lacquered eel or fatty tuna sushi (€8 each), California rolls with either royal crab and mango (€27 for eight) or tuna mi-cuit and yuzu (€28)… To which you’ll want to add some of the boss’s Asian fusion creations, like the salad with caramelized miso and flame-charred avocado (€24), or a delicious Breton lobster in an insane herb broth with snow peas and spinach (€30). For dessert, there are mochi ice cream balls served in threes, and raspberries draped in a veil of vanilla whipped cream with coconut sorbet – a real treat (€12 each)! You can expect well-chosen wines (a glass of Chinon from Bernard Baudry for €9 or a bottle of Crozes-Hermitage white from Alain Graillot for €62), plus sakes (Haevensake junmai ginjo at €15 for 10 cl) and cocktails shaken up by Marco, who used to work at Le Baron, like the Germanopratin with Champagne, gin and cucumber (€16). Sushi €6-8 a piece, California rolls €26-28 for eight, dishes €24-30, desserts €12. // R.deC. 

Getting there

Restaurant Le Bar des Prés
25, rue du Dragon
TEL: +33 1 43 25 87 67
Subway: Saint-Germain des Prés