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Le Bec du Coq

Restaurant Le Bec du Coq in MarseilleLe Bec du Coq (Marseille) - © Agathe Hernandez

Looking for a hot new hangout in Marseille? Head over to Le Bec du Coq (exposed stone walls, pink velvet banquettes), a cool wine bar that’s located just a stone’s throw away from the Vieux-Port neighborhood. It’s run by a former advertising exec with an ex-filmmaker in the kitchen: Victoria Gil and Guilhem Malisson, respectively. The latter sent out some rather tasty tapas the other night: thinly sliced pork lonzu; outstanding fries with a kimchi mayonnaise for dipping; delicious clams in a broth with balanced notes of garlic and ginger; cheeky bone marrow and mushroom fritters; a beautiful bun filled with shrimp marinated with celery, crispy apples and spicy mayo; a cordon bleu with melted cheese… All before an incredible chocolate tart to finish the meal on a sweet note! // A.H.

FEELING THISTY? It’s all clean! A Côtes-du-Rhône red from the Jolys (€4 a glass), a Luberon rosé from MasLauris (€4.50), a Drôme red from Laurent Clapier (€19 a bottle), a Sicilian white from Rallo (€30)…

PRICE: Small plates €4-12.

Getting there

Restaurant Le Bec du Coq
28, bd Notre-Dame
TEL: +33 4 91 91 62 08
Subway: Estrangin Préfecture