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Le Garage

Restaurant Le Garage in TrizacLe Garage (Trizac) - © Le Garage

“You’re not supposed to photograph the tart, you’re supposed to eat it,” says a client to Dominique Peythieu, who was apologizing for the appearance of his appetizer. In addition to the still-functioning gas pump, this industrial Garage (brick walls, concrete features, atelier suspension lamps, big windows) lovingly takes care of local appetites just like a grandma would. So yes, his pastry topped with ratatouille and goat cheese wasn’t made for Instagram, much like his veal stew (meats from Riom-ès-Montagne) with carrots, potatoes and patranque – a robust mixture of bread, tomme cheese, cream and onions! But in addition to all that, the bill only runs to €13.50 and also includes local cheeses (Saint-Nectaire, bleu, Cantal) and a pear fondant straight from the oven! Upon special order, the owner also excels in the art of stuffed cabbage, pork stew, truffade, pounti, aligot and other respectable treats. // G.D.

FEELING THIRSTY? We found a Boudes red from the Domaine Charmensat (€24 a bottle), a Gigondas from the Château Raspail 9€39.50) or a round Vacqueyras from the Domaine des Ondines (€26). Wines by the glass €1.60 and, for €2, why not a gentiane from the Abbaye?

PRICE: Menus €13.50 (weekday lunch) and €18-22 during the tourist season. 

Getting there

Restaurant Le Garage
2, route Mauriac
TEL: +33 4 71 78 60 79