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Le Tagine

Restaurant Le Tagine in ParisLe Tagine (Paris) - © Camille Pierrard

Sick of merguez paired with a bottle of Boulaouane? Try a Minervois wine from Sénat and couscous made with suckling lamb from the Pyrenees instead! Where, you ask? At Le Tagine, a Moroccan spot (embroidered cushions, bouquets of fresh flowers, mosaic tiling) that’s equipped with a true arsenal of natural and organic bottles (Mathias, Guigner, Graillot…) and only works with the best producers: free-range chicken, fresh sardines, homemade bread. So we hardly need to tell you that their mouthwatering triptych of grilled meats, couscous and tagines (lamb-peach, chicken-pear, pigeon-honey) hits the spot! For us, the day we went at lunch: a perfect egg brick; a radiant couscous with extra fine semolina, a translucent vegetable broth, chicken, lamb, merguez and kefta skewers; before three surprisingly light homemade pastries. And to drink? Wines served by the glass from €5 to €8 and bottles starting at €25. Tagines €20-24, couscous €17-21, à la carte €32-44. // G.D.

Getting there

Restaurant Le Tagine
13, rue de Crussol
TEL: +33 1 47 00 28 67
Subway: Filles du Calvaire, Oberkampf
Website: letagine.fr