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Les Trois Cépages

Restaurant Les Trois Cépages in ReuillyLes Trois Cépages (Reuilly) - © Les Trois Cépages

Winemakers from Reuilly aren’t wrong: this Japanese inn is worth its weight in grapes! Running the show is the Sato family, who have been leaving people dumbfounded with their indulgent menus since 2014. The last time we went, for €48: blue lobster tart with notes of the sea tempered by pineapple tomatoes confit in sugar and a citrus sauce; porc noir ribs from La Châtre with charcutière sauce, served with piperade-filled bricks; before an exuberant cheesecake made with crottin de biquette and a plum confit… Yum! For some good company, there’s a perfect “Trois Reuillys” pairing offered by the sommelier (€15 for three glasses): a white from Denis Jamain with a floral finale, a smooth rosé from the Domaine Aujard, and a red from Valéry Renaudat with bitter cherry notes. Menus €30 (except Sundays and national holidays), €48 and €68. // P.A. 

Getting there

Restaurant Les Trois Cépages
17, rue de la Gare
TEL: +33 2 54 03 23 13