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Restaurant Närenj in OrléansNärenj (Orléans)

In 2015, Nabil and Sousana Attar fled the Syrian civil war with their recipes from Damascus tucked away inside their suitcases, in the hope of starting over abroad. After a stint at the Résidence du Refugee Food Festival in 2017, the couple wound up heading to Orléans one year later to open up Närenj – or “bitter orange” in English. The former engineer now treats guests to straightforward Levantine cooking, while his partner (an ex-medical sector employee) watches over the starched tables in the dining room. Served à la carte the night we went: creamy labneh with Syrian za’atar; excellent hummus; tasty muhammara – a creamy pepper and walnut dip; a generous smoked eggplant purée; a majestic makloubeh, an upside-down bulgur wheat cake with slow-braised lamb and eggplant; a fine beef kebab cooked for 13 hours, with yogurt sauce and freekeh (green wheat) meatballs; before an ice cream made with Damascus orchid bulb flour, with some incredible cotton candy! And on the menus? Pink lentil, cumin and lemon soup; maghmour with cooked yogurt, tahini, butternut squash, stewed beef and zucchini; yabrak with grape leaves stuffed with free-range, slow-roasted lamb, garlic and lemon; rice pudding with toasted pistachios and Damascus rose petals… // G.B.

FEELING THIRSTY? A French-Levantine wine selection: a Lebanese white from Château Kefraya (€6 a glass), an organic Cheverny white from the Domaine des Huards (€29 a bottle), a Lebanese red, Altitudes (€38 a bottle) or a Syrian Bargylus (€61).

PRICE: Menus €35-43 (food and wine pairings +€24), à la carte €34-41.

Getting there

Restaurant Närenj
178, rue de Bourgogne
MOBILE: +33 7 68 07 34 43
Website: narenj.fr