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Maison Ceronne

Bed & breakfast Maison Ceronne in Sainte-Céronne-lès-MortagneMaison Ceronne (Sainte-Céronne-lès-Mortagne)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 4 rooms, 1 dormitory for six kids
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: When he bought this longère farmhouse in the Perche province, Vincent-Louis, a Parisian decorator and adman, just intended it as a place to invite friends over on the weekends. Four years of renovations later, now he’s running Maison Ceronne, an exceptional 850 m2 space, with ceilings reaching 7.5 meters high and immense bay windows emanating forth from an impressive 18-ton fireplace. Inside, you’ll find a very contemporary feel (black marble, untreated or waxed concrete, graphic prints, vintage furniture) for the four bedrooms, six-person dormitory (for kids), lounge, dining room, and, since he was going all out, the steam room, sauna and movie theater! Double rooms starting at €135 a night (2-night minimum stay). It’s also worth noting that you can rent out the entire house!

TOILETRIES: Meraki shampoo and body wash.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: Included, with coffee or tea, bread and viennoiseries from the local bakery, artisanal jams, dairy products from a nearby farm and, if you’re on your best behavior, crepes!
LITTLE LUXURY: The spectacular interior pool, all done up in black marble, where you can splash around all year long with views of the Perche countryside. And when the heat wave hits, there’s a sister pool outside!

Getting there

Bed & breakfast Maison Ceronne
La Gilberdière
TEL: +33763547117