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Le Parcours Jules Verne

Gîte Le Parcours Jules Verne in NantesLe Parcours Jules Verne (Nantes)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 9 apartments + Château du Pé
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year

THE STORY: The Surprenantes Voyage Désirable agency specializes in the creation of eccentric urban gites in downtown Nantes. The Parcours Jules Verne apartments, in the center of town, are veritable cinékitsch spaces that pay tribute to the books of the author from Nantes: Five weeks in a Balloon (2 people), rocket-kitchen in the From Earth to the Moon apartment (6 people), and a liner with a gangplank and containers for the Extraordinary Voyage (4 people). Rooms from €99 for 2 people.

TOILETRIES: Environment friendly shampoo and shower gel.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: Breakfast drinks (coffee machine, Dammann teas + powdered chocolate) are provided.
LITTLE LUXURY: Various services to make life easier, such as the mobile city guide.

Getting there

Gîte Le Parcours Jules Verne
Plusieurs adresses
TEL: +33 9 67 20 97 81