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The best bistros in Paris

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© Bistrot des Tournelles

Juicy tacos, homemade sausages, stuffed peppers, steak tartares… Discover our selection of the best bistros in Paris, or how to take your lunch break to the next level!


47, rue de Richelieu, Paris 1

La Bourse et La Vie

Friends of the bistro lifestyle, welcome to La Bourse et la Vie, s’il vous please! In this muted space (big speckled mirrors, dim lighting, verdigris velvet) filled with a 100% American crowd the night we went, Daniel Rose (the highly-publicized chef of Le Coucou in New York and the owner of Chez La Vieille in Paris) brings together France’s great classics. Reed more.

12, rue Vivienne, Paris 2


Since opening in 1936, this Haut Marais hideout has sure seen its fair share of Parisians: everyone from street urchins and artists to former Le Taxi Jaune customers, as well as Sarah Michielsen and Bastien Fidelin, who recently inaugurated Parcelles in this space. Reed more.

13, rue Chapon, Paris 3

Bistrot Des Tournelles

This place is oozing with old-fashioned charm! Édouart Vermynck (ex-Entrée des Artistes) has preserved a delightful sense of nostalgia at this retro bistro sandwiched between Places des Vosges and Place de la Bastille, where certain elements of the decor are celebrating their hundred-year anniversary, including the French marble bar, cement tile floors and the cash register from another era…. Reed more.

6, rue des Tournelles, Paris 4


12, rue Mirbel, Paris 5

Café Des Ministères

83, rue de l’Université, Paris 7

Les Arlots

136, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière, Paris 10

Le Verre Volé

What hasn’t already been written about the legendary Verre Volé, one of the very first cave à manger, run by Cyril Bordarier and Thomas Vincente for almost 20 years now? Featured in the pantheon of cool, international city guides, this Rue de Lancry mainstay continues drawing in loyal customers with its highly natural wines and well-crafted eats.Reed more.

67, rue de Lancry, Paris 10

Le Vaillant

A bright yellow facade with mauve lettering, timeworn wooden tables, art deco light fixtures… This is the kind of bistro we adore, especially when it’s right around the corner from our apartment. Reed more.

159, quai de Valmy, Paris 10


4, rue Biscornet, Paris 12

Le Grand Pan

Right near George Brassens’ former home (who happened to have a song called Le Grand Pan), Benoît Gauthier’s retro bistro (spotted tiling, an inlaid bar, glossy wooden tables) has been jolting taste buds awake since 2007. What’s on the menu? A dash of terroir and plenty of sophistication, cleverly doled out by this son of a Brives butcher who learned his trade under Christian Etchebest. Reed more.

20, rue Rosenwald, Paris 15

Le Vitis

Murs jaunes, mobilier rétro, fresque de bacchanales modern style… Dans son bistrot baravineux, Marc Delacourcelle (ex-taulier du Pré Verre avec son frère Philippe) continue de dégoupiller des canons de qualité, nature ou biodynamiques … Reed more.

8, rue Falguière, Paris 15

Les Marches

Yellow walls, retro furniture, a modern Bacchanalian fresco… In his bistro/wine bar, Marc Delacourcelle (the former manager at Le Pré Verre alongside his brother, Philippe) continues unearthing quality natural and biodynamic wines, which are lovely with the Didier Junqua charcuterie or the Quatrehomme cheeses, as you wait for the prepared plates by chef Julien Pelassy. Lire la suite.

5, rue de la Manutention, Paris 16

Le Cyrano

A mere skip and a hop away from Place de Clichy, Le Cyrano recites the classics with panache! Dusted off by a young group of friends (Charleyne Valet and Clovis Aupetit, ex-Parigots and Les Gamins, plus Arthur Podetti, who is new to the restaurant game), this iconic dive with spotted mirrors and art nouveau mosaic tile floors has been rekindled thanks to the charming plates made by Charleyne Reed more.

3, rue Biot, Paris 17

Le Cadoret

At Le Cadoret, we c-adore everything! The vintage feel (mosaic tile floors, an old-fashioned bar, timeworn mirrors), the morning coffee served at the bar, the apéros with ham & cheese croissants and craft beers, the jazzy playlists composed by Louis Fleuriot, and of course the dishes made by his sister Léa, who brightens up the everyday grind in the upper Belleville neighborhood with her good home cooking Reed more.

1, rue Pradier, Paris 19

Le Petit Rhin

The former Brasserie Laumière has been given a makeover, right down to the name, in order to carve out a new life for itself as a neighborhood café (bright yellow doors, a shiny zinc-topped bar, school chairs, a south-facing terrace). In the kitchen, you’ll find Thibault de Maillard (ex-Hôtel Royal Madeleine) rolling out the classics with a menu that’s as short as it is sweet, all prepared with impeccably sourced organic ingredients. Reed more.

7, rue du Rhin, Paris 19

Le Baratin

Just like every year, we hear the insane rumor that the godmother of bistros, the queen of offal, Raquel Carena, is going to retire. And just like every other year, we breathe a sigh of relief when we push open the door to her bistro, where nothing has changed since 1987… Reed more.

3, rue Jouye-Rouve, Paris 20


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