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Bistrot Bao

Restaurant Bistrot Bao in GroixBistrot Bao (Groix) - © Marcelle Ratafia

Patrick Saigot, the owner of Les Fumaisons in Groix, set up Bistrot Bao (the local name for longline fishing) where the Kreiz Er Mor crêperie used to be. Seated on the terrace or in the somewhat rustic dining room (old tile floors, straw-bottomed chairs), tourists and fishermen come to wolf down the delicate treats made by Julia Carrio and Maxime Quiltu, who both previously worked at Le Poulpe in Lorient. The day we went for lunch, the à la carte menu featured a selection of locally sourced fish and vegetables: a feisty shellfish gazpacho; beautiful pieces of lobster enveloped in a moussey sage butter, paired with organic spinach and artichokes; a tender Albacore tuna steak seared on the teppanyaki grill and served with a seaweed and cauliflower cream; before a marvelously moist lemon cake made with buttermilk and rosemary-infused oil. It’s bao time, baby!// L.T.

FEELING THIRSTY? All natural: an Anjou Chenin from Les Mosses (€6 a glass), a Touraine Sauvignon from Noëlla Morantin (€30 a bottle), a red Cheverny from Hervé Villemade (€30)… But there’s also apple juice (€3) and cider (6 for 330 ml) from La Ferme de Port Coustic.

PRICE: À la carte €37-47.

Getting there

Restaurant Bistrot Bao
Route de Crehal

TEL: +33 2 97 89 94 87