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Restaurant Jones in ParisJones (Paris) - © Marion Gambin

A punk rock take on melting pot culture, Florent Ciccoli’s (Café du Coin, Le Bien Venu) unfussy restaurant brings together beautiful people and loud music, a marble bar and unfinished walls, vintage china and grilled suckling pig, incredible tapas and impressive cocktails, charcuterie and Sunday roasts… Unearthed the night we went, chef Harry Widler’s (Florent’s former sous-chef at Jones, and Saint John in London) menu featured: a pow-wow of heirloom tomatoes proudly ripened by the sun, under the influence of lovage and red onion; an orgiastic pig’s head pressé with pickled guindillas; a tender whole roasted quail nestled on a bed of ultra-buttery coco beans and drizzled with salsa verde; before a moreishly moist raspberry, blackberry and almond cake. // M.J.-D.

FEELING THIRSTY? There are good, handsome, organic wines – and natural ones as well: a Beaujolais from Quentin Harel (€6 a glass), a Roussillon red from the Domaine Yoyo (€38 a bottle), an Alsace-Riesling from Philippe Brand (€42)… Otherwise, there’s Psychedelia beer from Craig Allan (€6.50 for 330 ml).

PRICE: Plates €8-25. 

Getting there

Restaurant Jones
43, rue Godefroy-Cavaignac
TEL: +33 9 80 75 32 08
Subway: Voltaire