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Restaurant Lolo in ParisLolo (Paris) - © Carole Cheung

The new winning trio of hipness in the 9th arrondissement? Métro-boulot-Lolo! In their fantastic red room that combines crimson tiled walls, a vermillion bar and fiery red neon lights, Loïc Minel, aka “Lolo” (ex-Hôtel Grand Amour), and Christophe Juville (the guy behind the Spok cafés) bring the neighborhood to life with their chemical-free wines. Meanwhile, Antoine Girard (chef at Animal Kitchen) pimps out the crème de la crème of Spanish tapas: cheeky boudin croquetas, comforting ensaladilla with Prince de Paris ham and the casa’s homemade pickles, tortilla stuffed with pimentón… Some other options include the fun “lolorrain” pâté (the owner’s padre’s recipe) or even pencil leek skewers grilled over binchotan (and drizzled with a delicious vinaigrette!) and some addictive slices of Montbéliard sausage. Not to mention the promise of cookies afterwards, for all those with a sweet tooth… // Aïtor Alfonso

FEELING THIRSTY? An Ardèche Grenache from the Domaine des Accoles (€5 a glass), a German red from 2Naturkinder or a Greek Muscat from Bouju and Ligas (€36 a bottle), just a few of their world-traveling bottles.

PRICE: Tapas €3-9.

Getting there

Restaurant Lolo
12, rue de Châteaudun
TEL: No phone number
Subway: Cadet, Notre-Dame de Lorette, Le Peletier