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Panda Panda

Another Asian fusion spot? After Double Dragon, Petit Bao, Wagamama and Cheval d’Or, Panda Panda is winning over Paris Paris with its own well-groomed take on the genre (a windowed kitchen, a dragon neon light and a mah-jong-inspired bar). Former investment bankers Lucas and André are taking on Hong Kong and Taiwanese street food classics with a wonderfully straight-to-the-point menu. Best when shared (or not): lovely xiao long bao buns (served in fives) made with free-range pork, chives and ginger, spitting out their hot broth; charming gua bao buns stuffed with pork belly and a soy-peanut sauce; excellent crispy fried chicken paired with lemongrass popcorn; tender eggplant in a soy and black vinegar sauce, perfectly prepared in the wok; less convincing fried rice; before two sweet bao buns, one with chocolate and pralines, the other with an egg cream. // J.G.

FEELING THIRSTY? There are wines selected by the GrandCoeur team (a Saumur blanc from Le Pas Saint-Martin at €6 a glass, a Côtes-du-Rhône red from the Maison Brotte at €22 a bottle), beers from here (LBF lager at €4 for a half-pint) and there (Taiwan Beer Gold Medal at €5.50 for 330 ml), or even sweet and fruity Akabu sake (€7 a glass).

PRICE: Bao buns €7 each, dumplings €8 for 5, shared dishes €7-12, desserts €5. 

Getting there

Restaurant Panda Panda
21, rue Juliette Dodu
TEL: +33 1 71 39 55 45
Subway: Colonel Fabien