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Sushi B

Restaurant Sushi B in ParisSushi B (Paris) - © Sushi B

The atmosphere is sashimi-cally pure at this Neptunian lock chamber! The sharpest fishonaut in all of Paris, Masayoshi Hanada makes his little gems levitate around an off-white counter at Sushi B. His Ursa Major? The Omakase menu (€160), which revolves around milky sesame tofu; a cosmic combo of lobster, broad beans and eggplant in a thick lobster broth; and stellar sashimi of silky cuttlefish, tuna belly and brill in a dashi jelly. All that before reaching the speed of light with some flamboyant meteorites: monkfish liver and truffles; tuna tartare and caviar; lotus root and snow peas in a sardine broth, etc. An intergalactic voyage that ends with a rice ice cream and some lunar sakes, like the junmai ginjo Masakura (€18 a glass). It’s very expensive, obviously: menus for €58, €90 and €130 at lunch, €130 or €160 at dinner. // A.A. 

Getting there

Restaurant Sushi B
5, rue Rameau
TEL: +33 1 40 26 52 87
Subway: Bourse, Quatre Septembre