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Stand Tora

Bar Stand Tora in ParisStand Tora (Paris) - © Agathe Hernandez

For a lost-in-translation effect at a very authentic Tokyo-style bar, head to Stand Tora, the third Parisian address from the restaurant Kunitoraya. But FYI, you won’t find any udon noodles this time around! Instead, expect an intimate bar with a single blonde wood table, eight barstools and a record player with jazzy notes escaping. While slipping in a few anecdotes about rice fermentation or sweet potato distillation, the former chemist Akiko Suganuma offers up six types of hand-selected sakes – including a floral Akitora or a dense Tsukasabotan (€10 for 100 ml). Along with shochu (€14-24 for 50 ml) and whiskey, served as a highball (Yamazaki and sparkling water, €19) or alone – like the Hibiki whiskey aged for thirty years… at €205 a thimble! And for a snack? There are eminently Japanese tapas: bonito and pickled plum origiri (€3 each), vegetable bowls with mentaïko cod roe (€5), etc. // A.B.

Getting there

Bar Stand Tora
6, rue de la Sourdière
TEL: +33 1 40 13 04 25
Subway: Pyramides, Tuileries