Kioko (Paris)

© Matthieu Jauniau

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When it comes to the Land of the Rising Sun, Kioko has you covered! Named after Mr. Yoshikawa’s ladylove, this place boasts two floors of treasure for Tokyo-obsessed foodies. Let your imagination run wild while admiring the fresh Japanese vegetables (Japanese eggplant, mizuna, naganegi, lotus root, etc.), while over in the freezer section, things are heating up between the Ajinomoto gyoza and mochi. For anyone who prefers (homemade) broth, there’s kombu, nori and wakame seaweed all ready to take the plunge into a bubbling pot, alongside some shiitake mushrooms or katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), which you can pair with ramen, udon, soba, somen or their special freeze-dried versions for when you’re low on money or the urge for a midnight snack strikes. After perusing the incredible sauce aisle (soy, ponzu, vinegars…), take a moment to admire the selection of furikake, magical powders composed of seaweed, herbs, smoked and dried fish, vegetables and spices, to light up your simple bowl of white rice or plain vegetables. A cult-favorite! // R.F.

Hidden gem: The precious Kitomura Kito yuzu juice (€37.25/250 ml).

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