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Restaurant Mokonuts in ParisMokonuts (Paris) - © Julie Gerbet

Biggest Crush of 2017

After a lunch at Mokonuts or a private dinner with a group of friends, you will undoubtedly want to sing and dance, just like we did… That’s no surprise! Like all of the lucky ones who eat chez Omar Koreitem (ex-Sergent Recruteur) and Moko Hirayama (ex-yam’Tcha), you’ll have gotten your Mononuts groove on. The root cause? The reliably sourced products that are used to make Franco-Middle Eastern treats by the freshest couple in East Paris. For us, the day we went: a sharp line-caught mackerel crudo with basil and bottarga (€11) – or a legendary labneh pimped out with za’atar (€8), which we scoop up with homemade bread; a crispy-skinned line-caught hake from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, with an indecent ratatouille and tahini (€19) – or sublime veal chops from the Ferme de Clavisy, with apples, fennel and marine sprouts (€22); before a classic apricot crostata (€7) or one of Moko’s irresistible cookies (€2.50). The pastries are really wonderful, and they’re available all day long at the blonde wood bar of this coffee shop with an almond green façade. To drink, there are some tasty options (hibiscus iced tea, orange blossom lemonade or a strawberry and shiso juice, €4) plus some lovely wines – Bourgogne-Aligoté from Fanny Sabre (€7 a glass), a red Marsannay from Sylvain Pataille (€46 a bottle), etc. At night, you can reserve for eight to 12 guests (€60 per person). À la carte €30-43. // V.V. 

Getting there

Restaurant Mokonuts
5, rue Saint-Bernard
MOBILE: + 33 9 80 81 82 85
Subway: Faidherbe - Chaligny