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Peco Peco

Restaurant Peco Peco in ParisPeco Peco (Paris) - © Yves Nespoulous

A Japanese-style fresco, mosaic tile floors, stone walls… Inside Benjamin Perrier’s tiny izakaya, there’s plenty to drink and plenty of… manga! All thanks to chef Kenji Hoori, who trained under William Ledeuil and now delights lovers of Japanese tapas. For us, the night we went: spellbinding takosu – an octopus and seaweed salad; delicate, vinegary herring; addictive sautéed shiitake mushrooms embraced by dried bonito; incredibly tender buta kakuna (pork) paired with rice and lentils; before a fluffy cheesecake. Otherwise, at lunchtime, there’s donburi for everyone who comes through the front door – rice topped with tender pork, tofu/seaweed or smoked herring. // A.A.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s a mini selection of sakes (€6.50 to €10 a glass), picturesque cocktails (eg.: Koko San that combines Nikka whiskey, kombucha, anise and ginger, €10) and clean wines: a Côtes-du-Rhône white or red from Les Vignerons d’Estézargues (€6 a glass), a Loire from Luc Sébille (€28 a bottle)…

PRICE: Donburi €10 (€16 for the lunchtime set menu), tapas €4-12 (dinner).

Getting there

Restaurant Peco Peco
47, rue Jean-Baptiste-Pigalle
TEL: +33 1 53 16 19 84
Subway: Pigalle
Website: pecopeco.fr