Poiskaï Sud

Restaurant Poskaï Sud (Les Moutiers-en-Retz)

© Poskaï Sud

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Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, somewhere between the sand dunes and the marshes, there’s an authentic smokehouse run by Olivier Padiou, extended by a terrace filled with bric-a-brac furniture. And what exactly is he smoking? Poiskaï (aka fish)! In short, everything that the local seafood market offers up. The day we went, that meant mackerel, hake, salmon, tuna and octopus, which were devoured alongside a cucumber salad with ginger, lime and soy. Meanwhile, oysters from the Jade Coast, raised by his neighbors Julie and Jean-Philippe Dupont, paired up wonderfully with salted butter from the Gaec Belle Étoile and some good sourdough bread. Even the almond tartlet with lemon and basil cream was impressive! // Larosé

FEELING THIRSTY? : A selection of local wines that really hit the spot, including a grolleau gris from the Domaine du Sillon Côtier (€3 a glass) or a muscadet from the Domaine Petiteau (€32 a bottle). 
PRICE: : Plates €9-22, desserts €5. 

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