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Restaurant Livingston in MarseilleLivingston (Marseille) - © Christine Doublet

After getting a taste of glory as a philosophical tale by Richard Bach, Livingston has now become the first orange wine bar in Marseille! The authors of this particular story? Laura Vidal, Julia Mitton and Harry Cummins (Paris Pop Up, Chardon, La Mercerie), who summoned the young chef Valentin Raffali (ex-Papa Kim) to set ablaze this new spot with a graffiti-covered facade, its name scrawled out in bright neon letters, bistro tables, Baumann chairs and film posters. The night we went, served on Safi-style tableware: a pizzetta grilled over binchotan charcoal, with some ultra-creamy stracciatella sprinkled with oregano for dipping; incredible chicken thigh yakitori prepared tandoori style; cheeky calf’s head croquettes with a chiptole mayo; roasted tomato intensified by an XO sauce; ‘nduja (a spicy Calabrian sausage) pimped out with purple basil; before an intriguing “cool orange” cheese (which was actually an English blue cheese) paired with a charred apricot jam. In short, a delicious little meal that soared sky high! // Raoul Taburin

FEELING THIRSTY? Hélène Morère has you covered! Orange wines as far as the eye can see (a Roussillon Muscat from Marc and Caroline Barriot at €7.50 a glass, an Ardèche blend from Sylvain Bock à €34 a bottle…), and so much more: a Catalan white from Partida Creus (€34), a Luberon red by Laura Aillaud (€46), etc.

PRICE: Small plates €6-9.

Getting there

Restaurant Livingston
5, rue Crudère
TEL: Tél. : +33 4 96 10 00 00
Subway: Noailles, Notre Dame du Mont Cours Julien