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Bistrot Mee

As the bistro-inspired little brother of the Korean fine dining establishment Gwon’s Dining located in the 15th, Mee has pedigree and quite a bit of charm with its loft-like feel (unfinished walls, long neo-beer hall tables, Korean decorations here and there). À la carte, the day we went for lunch: plump mandu buns (a type of grilled dumpling) stuffed with ground pork and puffed up like little pillows; incredibly crispy five-vegetable tempura; yummy caramelized chicken beignets; traditional Dolsott Bimbibap – one of the best in Paris – that was sharp, spicy and served in a smoking hot granite bowl with rice, seaweed, marinated vegetables, egg yolk and beef, a really boom-bam-pow situation! To calm things down? Sweet desserts, like nice mugwort madeleines. // C.C.

FEELING THIRSTY? Why not opt for a Korean rice beer from Makkoli (€12 for 750 ml), a buckwheat infusion (€4) or the bitterness of a uong cha (a star anise infusion, €3)?

PRICE: Lunch menu at €15 with a small bite + 1 main. Tapas €5 each. Bimbibap €14. Dessert €4. 

Getting there

Restaurant Bistrot Mee
5, rue d'Argenteuil
TEL: +33 1 42 86 11 85
Subway: Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre, Pyramides