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Chez Joy

Restaurant Chez Joy in ParisChez Joy (Paris)

Run by a Thai-born Vietnamese chef, here at Chez Joy they cook as a family. The latest recruit? Her niece (another Joy!), who’s ready to take over this miniature shop that’s always full, even after she doubled her seating capacity with a terrace! What is there to eat? Extremely fresh giant bun bo xaos with crispy shrimp or chicken spring rolls – or with sautéed soy beans for the vegetarian version (from €10.50 to €13.50); pho soup in a flavorful broth (ginger, cloves), al dente rice noodles and thin slices of beef served rare – topped with basil, fresh chilies and soybeans (€9.50); homemade sautéed dishes, like pad Thai with chicken, shrimp or seitan (from €12 to €13); and for dessert, some nice rotee (crepes with banana and condensed milk, €5.50). To drink, there’s green tea (€2.50) and Saigon beer (€3.80 for 330 ml). Set menus €10 (lunch) and €12.50 (dinner), à la carte from €7.50 to €25. M.Z.

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Joy
84, rue Daguerre
TEL: +33 1 43 20 01 68
Subway: Gaîté