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Chez Joy

Restaurant Chez Joy in ParisChez Joy (Paris)

Listen up, this is important: at Chez Joy, there’s Joy obviously, the Thai owner with Vietnamese roots, along with her niece, who is also named Joy. But now, there’s also Jenny, Joy’s sister – not the aunt, but the niece! So most of all, there’s plenty of joy at Joys’ tiny dining room, where you’ll find a big windowed fridge and hardly anywhere to sit. So we sat on the colorful terrace the other day at lunch, after choosing some outstanding little South-Asian dishes: a hearty summer roll with caramelized tofu; tasty bun bo xao stuffed to the brim with lemongrass, vermicelli rice noodles, cilantro, lettuce, bean sprouts, carrot, mint and crispy chicken spring rolls; lovely “three treasure” noodles (shrimp, calamari, chicken) seasoned with bean sprouts and herbs; before a really good bowl of coconut milk tapioca. // D.C.

FEELING THIRSTY? Tsingtao beer (€4) or green tea (€2.50).

PRICE: Menus €10.50 (lunch except Saturday) and €12.50, à la carte €11-28. 

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Joy
84, rue Daguerre
TEL: +33 1 43 20 01 68
Subway: Gaîté, Pernéty