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Restaurant Epoq in BiarritzEpoq (Biarritz)

Warning: this establishment was tested before the reign of Covid 19… Certain information may no longer be up to date in regards to the current situation: hours, menu, prices…

After his miraculous freestyling bistro Elements, punk chef Anthony Orjollet is now doubling down in the heart of Biarritz with a 300 m2 gastro-loft that’ll blow you away as soon as you step through the door: a mixologist bar under a glass ceiling, celestial string lights, a mezzanine patio, turntables for after parties… Co-created by the hyper-Iberian David Gonzalez (ex-Carøe), the menu reflects its Epoq and truly shined the day we went for lunch: a duo of steamed bao buns with spicy red octopus and eggplant seasoned with basa gede (a Balinese curry paste); dry-aged braised mutton chops with yellow zucchini cooked in miso and a condiment combining piment d’Espelette and lacto-fermented tomatoes; Ibaiona sausage prepared chipolata-style, with potato purée and a bone marrow jus; before a tasty apricot-almond-ginger tart for dessert. At night, the sound gets even louder: horse tartare with bottarga, oxtail gyoza, foie gras with tempeh… // D.N.

FEELING THIRSTY? Sharp cocktails (like the Epoq combining mezcal infused with smoked watermelon, chili liquor, lime juice and spicy agave syrup – €12) and living wines: a house white produced by Paul Ginglinger (€6 a glass), a sparkling rosé from Alice Bouvot (€32 a bottle) or an incredible red El Carner from Tom Lubbe (€95 for a magnum).

PRICE: À la carte €30-50.

Getting there

Restaurant Epoq
11, rue du Helder
TEL: +33 9 88 09 68 12