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Villa Magnan

Bed & breakfast Villa Magnan in BiarritzVilla Magnan (Biarritz) - © Melvin Israel

CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: At the heart of this three-hectare estate, there’s a Grande Dame with arched doors, who once belonged to the Spanish royal family.The sleeping beauty was resting for almost twenty-four years, before Anne and her husband Jérôme, two art and architecture lovers, decided to gently wake her up. In the outbuildings, the couple set up six simple, beautiful and comfortable bedrooms, decorated with modern objects and incredible vintage pieces. “There are some pretty things, and other less pretty things, just like in any other family home,” explains Anne about this brilliant work of alchemy that combines old hardwood floors with Barragán pink tones, a wooden church statute, Art Deco tiling and designer armchairs (Pierre Paulin, Gaetano Pesce, Claude Lalanne) in the big spaces with timeworn walls… A magical experience! Double rooms starting at €200.

TOILETRIES: Organic artisanal soap.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: Included, with bread, homemade jams, animal and plant-based milks, fruits and fruit juices, granola, eggs, fromage blanc, and even pan con tomate if you request it… All served on a pretty embroidered tablecloth.
LITTLE LUXURY: Following the house’s donkey Hector as he ambles along anywhere he likes – including your bedroom!

Getting there

Bed & breakfast Villa Magnan
11, rue de Mouriscot
TEL: No phone number