Ugly shades of brown, kawaii stickers half peeling off the walls… One thing’s for sure, those who come to Sucrépice aren’t here for the décor… Local students, spice lovers and Sichuan natives come exclusively for the…

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Maison Muz, Saint-Genest-de-Beauzon

Florence, a vegetarian chef, and Bernard, a theater designer, opened up this little paradise of hospitality in their Ardèche home at the foot of the Cévennes mountains. Above monsieur’s pottery studio, you’ll find two bedrooms with austere décor. ...
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After hiding out for several years in their Auberge du Presbytère in the Hérault department (which has since become Äponem), the Fourniers have traded in the monastic life for an orgy of sea saltand fertile market…

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Their favorite restaurants

Elsa Muse, Kamel Ouali & Inès Mélia

Casa Plata, Séville / Lucas y Hernandez-Gil

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Slowly but surely, Rue de Trévise is recovering from the gas explosion that recently took place there. In the spot where Kevin Blackwell once showered the neighborhood with his breathtaking natural wines, elegant golden italics are…

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