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C’est dans les vieux bistrots qu’on fait les meilleurs...

Bistrot Flaubert

In early 2020, Michel Rostang handed over his Michelin-starred restaurant Bistrot Flaubert to his sous-chef, Nicolas Baumann, and gourmet banker Stéphane Manigold. One lockdown and one victory against the Axa insurance company later, the duo is…

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Their favorite restaurants

Jo Güstin , Yannig Samot & Yelle

The Hoxton Southwark, Londres / Ennismore Design Studio

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Bistro S

Bistro “S”: is that “s” as in… “stylish”? Antonio Arnes Spinoza, a numismatist specialized in Ancient Greece, takes the utmost care at this little gem of a restaurant that combines light wood, camel-toned moleskin leather and…

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Week-end partoucien en slip de bain

This former Charentais seigneury has belonged to the Veillon family for over a hundred years, and ever since 2017, the Domaine de la Partoucie has been welcoming in guests with the utmost care. Under the watchful eye of heirs Fabienne and Michel, ...
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